Pastor Mondo explains the rise in demand for nudity in showbiz

Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha is of the mind that most of the entertainers are not well mentored and as a result, resort to nudity to gain relevance when they are about to fade.

The controversial Empowerment Christian International Ministries leader spoke out his mind while he was giving his objectives as to why nudity is on the rise and on high demand in showbiz.

He made the statements basing on the local entertainment industry as he explained that showbiz acts have tirelessly contributed to the rise in nudity among the youths.

Entertainers don’t have mentors to guide them through their careers. As a result, they have resorted to nudity a way of staying relevant.

Pastor Mondo

The outspoken city pastor went on to express himself and how he is Sheebah Karungi’s staunch fan but questioned how the Team No Sleep queen wants to go down in the entertainment industry’s history books.

Midway through this week, Pastor Mondo became a hot topic when he lashed out at guys who spend most of their time in the gym for long hours claiming that they only think about sex all the time.

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Posted by Sanyuka TV on Saturday, May 30, 2020

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