Mowzey Radio performing at Comedy Store (Photo by Nelly Salvatore) Credit: Nelly Salvatore

Renown Music Producer, Beat Maker, and Sound Engineer Sir Dan Magic, is of a thought that veteran vocalists fazed out of music due to the invasion of the late Mowzey Radio, and Weasel in the industry.

The Fire Base Crew producer, real name Oyerwot Brenny Daniel opened up about the situation for most vocalists who were in the music business before Radio came in while on an interview with this website.

Dan Magic was forced to list even some of the existing vocalists among those who were not spared by Radio’s vocal ability and creativity which forced most of them to channel to other professions.

Some of the vocalists who disappeared because of Radio’s invasion in the music industry, according to Dan Magic, include Aziz Azion, Tonix, OS Suna, and Micheal Kakoza.

I think they must have channeled to a different profession naye blood the invasion of Radio and Weasel didn’t spare any of the vocalists in town ehhh Aziz, OS, Tonix, Micheal Kakoza, etc it wasn’t easy for most of them sikulimba.

Sir Dan Magic

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