After a long while away from the public eye, Ayla Onsea Mayanja resurfaces looking beautiful, grown and jolly. We bring you some photos of Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleone’s first born.

Chameleone, as a young hustler just starting out his music career with Redsan, met Griet Onsea a.k.a Dorotia in Nairobi. She is said to have influenced Chameleone’s return to Uganda and sponsored the start of his stardom.

The Leone Island singer and the Belgian lady fell in love and gave birth to Ayla Onsea Mayanja in May 2002. At the time, Chameleone had already become a star with a couple of hit songs and awards to his name.

The Afrobeat artiste had everything going his way but it must have gotten to his head and caused a split with Dorotia, the woman whom he had kick-started a great music career that has managed to stay relevant for over two decades.

The lovers separated under unclear circumstances and Dorotia left Uganda with the then young Ayla. After several years without her appearing in public/media, we landed on some photos of Ayla and she is one beautiful adult.

Ayla Onsea Mayanja turned 18-years-old on May 28th 2020. She is into Art, Photography, Fashion and Design. Her adoration for music seems to have died out but you can never say never of her picking it up again at some point in her adult life.

As they say, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Ayla has so much resemblance with her father and siblings. She so much looks like Chameleone’s daughters Alba and Xara Amani Mayanja.

Looking at her photos, Ayla is a fun-loving lady who enjoys hanging out, sunbathing and swimming with her friends. She also spends much of her time with her dogs, just like her popular dad.

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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  1. Wow! It’s great seeing your baby transiting from a child hood to adult hood.
    Glory be to God!

  2. Great. few time dr. Will call it jaaja. Bt still No. One in indurstry.

  3. What has he paid the mother of ayla?has he even apologise to dorothy?

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