Rapper Jim Nola MC of the famous ‘Abedunego’ song has accused Feffe Bussi of plagiarizing his Nkwe Za Walumbe song.

The self-proclaimed ‘Son of Najjuma’ spoke out about the plagiarism claims after Feffe Bussi dropped video teasers while in studio recording his new track.

When Jim Nola saw Feffe Bussi’s free-style video clip trending on social media, he quickly came out to raise accusations of how his song was plagiarized.

He then kindly requested Feffe Bussi to at least change his song a bit since the flow and words are so much alike.

I heard of a rapper who copied and pasted my song but I request him to at least change a bit though for him he doesn’t do wrong. However, I would again kindly ask him not to disregard my plea.

In his act, I see him as someone who wants to awaken the Najjera and Nansana beef.

Jim Nola MC

At the moment, Feffe Bussi has not yet come out to comment about the accusations but we will keep you updated when he does.

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