Respect Bryan White, he has done some good things – Alex Muhangi

Troubled city philanthropist won’t feel like he is standing alone amidst his troubles as local comedian Alex Muhangi urges the public to appreciate the good things that he did under his Bryan White Foundation.

Currently, Bryan White real name Brian Kirumira is facing accusations from some of his former female employees who pin him to sexually assaulting them and forcing them to abort.

The controversial moment just keeps taking shifts each day that goes by and to some people it seems like Bryan White fell in a bottomless pit.

According to one of the moneybag’s business partners also local comedian Alex Muhangi, Bryan White deserves to be respected and appreciated despite the wrongs that he might have done because he also did lots of good things.

We’re Human & we’re liable to mistakes, Mr Bryan White has done more good than harm to this Country, at least give him the Credit. I am a Proud Ambassador to The Bryan White Foundation.

Alex Muhangi

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