For quite a while, there have been allegations pinning fashionista Brian Ahumuza alias Abryanz of his annual Abryanz Style and Fashion awards being sponsored by the LGBT community.

Following his interview on NBS TV’s UnCut show with OneLord Kaiyz, the allegations need to stop for now since Abryanz cleared the air about the rumors that his awards are sponsored by LGBT.

Abryanz, during the interview, stressed that his awards show is the most sponsored event in Uganda and it is sponsored by reputable companies adding that the accusations come in because of the African culture.

Abryanz also gave credit to Zari Hassan for having helped him relocate to a big shop at a big mall in Kampala when she paid his rent for the first months at Garden City.

He also shared a brief history of his fashion journey revealing how he started his career from shopping in Owino market with his friends and the progress to greater heights – a journey that has now lasted over a decade.

It is laughable to hear such accusations. I think my event in Uganda is the most sponsored event by reputable companies.

So I don’t understand why someone would wake up one day and come up with such baseless rumors saying that it is sponsored by a certain group of people.

I think it comes because fashion has not been well known for men in Uganda and Africa. So when they see someone basically men dressed in another way maybe with pins in their ears, it is taken in different and I don’t blame them because that has been the culture.

Ugandans are still lagging behind in fashion and for one to dress that way doesn’t define his sexuality.


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Solomon Mwesigwa

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