Social events hostess and digital influencer Alicia Kembabazi alias Alicia Bosschic is ready to drag popular socialite Bad Black to her level according to her recent interview.

The social media exchange between the two got underway after Alicia Bosschic, during an interview with NBS, denied being a slay queen and a prostitute while giving an example of Bad Black.

The following morning, Alicia Bosschic woke up to numerous threatening messages from different people warning her to back off Bad Black. Others sent her abuses from Mama Jonah.

Upon receiving the messages, Alicia Bosschic responded vehemently revealing how she is ready to take down Bad Black. She vowed to drag the socialite back to her level and make her shed tears.

The “23-year-old” Alicia went on and boldly assured Bad Black how they can never be friends any single day reasoning that she is of bad influence to the society.

Alicia also added that Bad Black is fit to be her mother and advised that if she ever wants to gain respect in the society, she should change the way she talks in public.

I thought you were proud of calling yourself a prostitute so why are you crying yet everything I said was true?

Bad Black, I don’t want to be your friend because we’re not age-mates and secondly you have a bad image in the society and you’re of bad influence. You misguide young girls that prostitution can make them rich quickly.

Sincerely speaking, Bad Black you’re fit to give birth to me. So if you want to be respected in society, change the way you talk in public.

Alicia Bosschic

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