When Crysto Panda dropped his latest Kyoyina Omanya remix featuring Sheebah Karungi little did we know that he had first tried his luck with Cindy Sanyu.

When he was turned down, Crysto Panda quickly rushed to Cindy’s nemesis Sheebah Karungi who accepted to add her voice to his jam which is receiving massive airplay and topping different music count downs charts.

While speaking in an interview with Spark TV, Cindy Sanyu revealed that she turned down Panda’s request for Kyoyina Omanya remix reasoning that he is not worth a remix with an artist of her level.

The Boom Party singer added that he turned down his request because she felt like Crysto Panda would run away after her recording her verse before she noted how collaborations with up-and-rising artists don’t help them to thrive in the industry.

When I listened to his music, I thought that it would be wise for him to look for an artist who sings a similar style as his, since he is having a good start. Therefore, I told him to try out Spice Diana.

You know my style is hard and I know it. So when I am to work with an artist, that artists’ musical maturity must at least be somewhere.

Otherwise, when we hit the studio things might refuse for that artist after me recording my verse and then he fears to record and runs away and I didn’t want it to happen that is why I advised him like that.

Cindy Sanyu

”However, the option he took was in the right direction because Sheebah didn’t overshadow him unlike when you collaborate with someone and they end up forgetting you completely,” she added.

The self-styled the King Herself went ahead and gave an example of when she collaborated with Fidempa and she overshadowed him something which didn’t help him recover but rather sent him down.

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  1. Maybe Cindy thought right maybe not. However cristal pandaz song is doing well on the market let him focus on his career God will help him out.

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