Celebrated Kenyan music star Wahu Kagwi relays some deep message for the slay queens as she advises young girls to create their own future through their hard work rather than waiting for a man to build it for them.

Every young girl loves using the newest phones, shopping at the expensive stores, wearing the most expensive branded clothes and taking tours around the world but very few can afford them.

That, however, is the least of their worries. They know that all they need to do to satisfy their wants is to hook up the rich guys in town, sugar daddies who won’t care buying a hand bag for USD 1,000.

Such a lifestyle has forced many youthful girls to fall into traps and suffer huge consequences, some of which have ended their lives.

According to Nameless’ wife, Wahu Kagwi, girls don’t have to wait on someone to come into their lives and make their future bright for them.

She believes that they can build the future they desire on their own if they work hard, be smart, kind, remain humble and fall in love with themselves. Wahu passed on this advice through her social media platforms.

Dear young woman: Do not wait for someone to build your dreams for you. Build the future you desire with your own two hands and the brain that God has given you.

Work hard, work smart, be kind, remain humble, and above all, fall in love with the woman who looks back at you in the mirror….because she is amazing.

Wahu Kagwi

What do you make of Wahu’s advice?

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