Ugandan musician A PASS has advised youths to take extra precaution while enjoying their lives.

His advice follows a trending saga in which a lady “Thelma Garim” – reportedly studying MUBS (Makerere University Business School) – is accused of “raping” Ronan Akantorana according to Campus Bee.

According to the outlet, acquired unverified screenshots of different conversations seem to indicate “Garim” had ill intentions, a reason A PASS decided to warn youth.


The ‘Tuli Kubigere‘ singer, real names Alexander Bagonza highlighted the relevance of self control and the essence of avoiding risky situations.

For those who drink/get high please remember not to over get high and have self-control, don’t be too weak and get raped because you are higher than high school.

A Pass

Legal definition Rape

Rape  is defined as having unlawful sexual intercourse with a woman or girl, without her consent, or with her consent, if the consent is obtained by force or by means of threats or intimidation of any kind or by fear of bodily harm, or by means of false representations as to the nature of the act, or in the case of a married woman, by impersonating her husband, commits the felony termed rape.

Once a person in Uganda is convicted, the Punishment for Rape is death. Attempt to commit rape calls for a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. 

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