Sheilah Gashumba

TV presenter Shielah Gashumba and comedian Patrick Idringi ‘Salvador’ have branded the acts of alleged offender – “Thelma Garim” – “pure evil” after both were left in shock by the ‘rape’ story.

Acquired unverified screenshots of different conversations by Campus Bee seem to indicate “Garim” had ill intentions, a reason both public figures have lashed out.


Salvador seemed to raised questions on the double standards of “feminists” for not calling out the despicable mis-deeds “Garim” committed, while Gashumba couldn’t come to terms with the fact that the offender may have had plans of intentional transmission of “HIV” or attempted to do so.

The former shared screenshots of the conversation on his Facebook Page exclaiming; “Had this have been the other way round, nga it’s the woman being the Victim, you’d see all these feminists asking for the death penalty, castration etc etc, but bse it’s been done by a woman, I have. A feeling questions like “why did he go there?”…. are going to arise.

“It’s time for the boy child to wake up and take a stand, many at times guys are falsely accused of hideous crimes like Rape and when the truth comes out that they were lies, we move on like nothing happened yet someone’s life has been ruined. Enough is enough…. let’s make this girls photo go viral for she’s PURE EVIL 😡. Thanks Kyamagero Andrew for sharing.”

Gashumba also tweeted; “..THIS GIRL IS CANCELLED!!! How do you take advantage of a boy , record him,and on top of it you mention that you have HIV AIDS three days after Flushed face PURE EVIL!!! Let’s make this story viral!Your brother or friend might be her next victim!!! Women I’m talking to you! Kmt..”

These reactions follow Uganda musician A PASS’ advice to youth on the essence of self control as well as avoidance of risky situations.

Legal Implications on Intentional transmission of HIV in Uganda

The HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Bill, 2010, CIII (24) BILL SUPPLEMENT TO THE UGANDA GAZETTE (Apr. 30, 2010) – signed into law August 2014 by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni – states that the “willful and intentional” transmission of HIV to another person is an offense that is punishable on conviction with up to a ten-year prison term and a fine of up to UGX4.8 million (about US$1,846).

Attempt to commit the offense is punishable on conviction with up to five years in prison and/or a fine of up to UGX200,000 (about US$92).

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