Glasgow-based British Ugandan musician Paix has featured on fellow star and DJ – Rebecca Vasmant’s new track ‘Big Hugs, Checkin’ In’.

The work of art released a couple of days back gets Paix talking about lockdown and her aspirations when the duo meet again on that “dream day in the park”.

The track is a “blissful, spoken-word jazz affair” with Paix, made by Rebecca for a ‘Mind Yer Self’ compilation – a lineup of Scottish productions crafted during the Covid 19 lockdown period.

Paix in her single “Self Love” with Mysterex

In a message about the release, Vasmant says the track is “super exciting” before narrating how her and Paix’s goals were achieved.

“Something super exciting.. a wee track I made is out today as part of an awesome compilation for the Mind Yer Self guys! Back at the beginning of lockdown, I had the loveliest of chats on voice notes with my beautiful and awesome friend Paix, she sent the sweetest message about our dream day once we were allowed to meet up again, so I used it for this little keepsake for us all to remember this crazy time by.

Rebecca Vasmant and Paix

“I’m super glad that we finally fulfilled this dream day in the park, and it was indeed beautiful. Please go check it out, and feel free to support. 50% of profits are going towards Help Musicians, and I will also be donating my share to help musicians to say thank you for all the incredible help they have given so many of us during this time. Lots of love guys.”

Listen to the track here;

About Paix

Paix is a Ugandan artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. She grew up in Newham, East London where her passion for music and performance was evident at a very tender age.

In August 2019, Paix released of ‘Self Love‘, a single from the album Book of Kotch by Mysterex. She outed her second single ‘Only One’ which was from the album Argot by Cold North in September 2019.

Her first solo and third single ‘How Long‘ produced by Gillieson was released on 1st May 2020.

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