Nxt Radio presenters Ronnie McVex and Nalongo Karitas Karisimbi have amicably mended their broken friendship following an outburst that erupted between the two a week ago during their evening NxtTransit show.

The two presenters fell out after Ronnie likened Karitas’ hairstyle to that of ‘Mizigo’ women something that made her lose temper and storm out of the studio leaving the listeners in shock.

A few hours after the incident, Karitas Karisimbi took to her Twitter account and called out Ronnie McVex to apologize to her for having “crossed the line”.

When Ronnie came across Karitas’ tweet asking him to apologize, he declined to her request reasoning that using her as just an example was no big deal. He added that she just overreacted in the heat of the moment.

Friends Again | Ronnie McVex, Karitas Karisimbi and Marcus Kwikiriza

Since then, Karitas switched from the evening program with Annie Wandera and joined the morning show with their boss Marcus Kwikiriza.

As one of the oldest local radio stations (Sanyu FM) is facing a massive exodus of its veteran presenters, Marcus saw it wise to amicably hold peace talks with the two presenters during his morning show and they settled their misunderstanding.

The pair apologized to each other, hugged, joked, and took photos together with wide smiles on their faces.

However, it is still uncertain whether the two presenters will be working together on the same program as we await more developments on that.

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