Fatboy aka James Onen

Popular radio presenter Fatboy, real name James Onen, has revealed that Sanyu FM staff did not at anyone point reject pay cuts despite different reports indicating so.

Onen claims no single staff member refused to work because of the infamous 25% salary reductions.

According to the former ‘Breakfast Show’ host, the station management failed to negotiate a fair deal with the station owners after ordering staff to abscond from work, a phenomenon that led to his firing.

“I want to set the record straight, it not true whatsoever that the staff rejected pay cuts. This narrative is false. Let it be known that it is false,” he clarified on KFM’s DMighty Breakfast show with Brian Mulondo.

James Onen and Brian Mulondo

“We had been anticipating that there could be paycuts.

“We were hearing murmurings that it could be a possibility and we were bracing ourselves for it.

“And so when it finally happened – by the way we were not notified in writing – we looked at our bank balances, ‘ooops I guess its finally come,’ so let’s just hope for better times ahead.

“I want to it to be known that it is absolutely not true that we refused to work because of the salary cuts.

“We only stopped working after we were told not to show up to work. The managers are the ones who initiated the process against the pay cuts. It didn’t come from the staff. We were going to work nonetheless.”

Management’s role

Onen says he’s being scapegoated because his accusers need a Fall guy.

He recounts how the station management drafted a disgruntlement letter, one – they opted to sign because they had been convinced of proper discussions on the matter.

“The management wrote a letter indicating displeasure at the deductions that were made, seeking redress for it. The letter was presented to all of us to be signed.

“We imagined the negotiations would continue as we were continuing to work. None of us had any intention of not working.

“I feel like I am being a scapegoat, because they need a Fall guy.”

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