James Onen

Popular Ugandan radio presenter Fatboy, real name James Onen, has vowed not to return to Sanyu FM even if he got called back to re-negotiate.

This follows his unceremonious departure that was sparked by unpopular 25% salary pay cuts, entangled in misunderstanding between the station management and it’s owners.

According to Onen, the radio owners, disrespected him by kicking him out “like a dog” something that made him feel he like “trash”.

When quizzed by KFM Dmighty Breakfast show host Brian Mulondo on whether he would reconsider if called back, he said; “Absolutely not.”

Why would one want to work in a place that treats them like that? I have been loyal to this station. How many years of my life have I given to it?

James Onen

“And then they just kick me out like a dog without giving me a chance to explain myself. They just treat me like I am trash?!” he added.

What next?

Fatboy says he’s now planning to move on with his other projects he has been working on for a “while”.

“Right now I am thinking about my options, what I want to do and there is so much I have to consider.

“There are some projects I have been working on for some time and it looks like this incident might have given me the final impetus to make it go live.

“I predict its going to open the door to even more exciting things.”


In a very emotional farewell to his listeners on both the “Sanyu Breakfast” and “Alive and Kicking” shows, Onen was hugely grateful.

“One of the saddest things is that I never even got a chance to thank my fans for listening to me for all the years.

“It was just so unceremonious how everything just ended and my fans deserve that. They deserve my deepest, most heartfelt thanks for sticking with me and supporting me.

“I am eternally grateful. But I am not ready to say goodbye, just yet because you never know, I might still end up being a part of your life.

“I couldn’t have asked for a greater honour to have been a huge part of many people’s lives who invited me into their homes by tuning in. It’s an honour I can’t even find words to describe.

“For that, I just say, thank you! Thank you so much. I won’t disappear, so just look out and see what happens.”

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