Fun Factory comedian Dickson Zizinga, commonly known for his ever serious looks, has revealed that he would love to join Ugandan politics but it is fake.

Zizinga who transitioned from being a cab driver and gained fame in Uganda’s comedy industry a few years back through the MiniBuzz skits made his opinion know about Uganda’s politics through an interview.

While speaking to NBS TV’s UnCut show, Zizinga disclosed that he would like to contest for the Kangulumira Member of Parliament seat come 2021 but fears that despite people loving him so much, they might end up ditching him for another politician who might bribe them with a kilo of rice.

He opened up about his desire to join Parliament as he bragged how eligible he is since he possesses the required academic documents to contest for the MP seat in his region.

He furthermore stated how Ugandan politics turned out to be a business venture rather than serving the nation adding that one needs to inject in heavy sums of money ranging from Ugx 600m to a Billon shillings to contest for the Parliamentary seat.

If it is all about joining politics I can because I have all the required documents.

But since Ugandan politics is fake, people vote for politicians who bribe them with a kilo of rice and end up ditching people with visions and ambitions to develop them.

Basically they are hard to understand but I wanted to contest for Kangulumira because they love me so much both the young and old.

At the moment, politics shifted from being a service to business whether you like it or not and that is why most people sell off their properties because politics is now a booming business.

Dickson Zizinga

Dickson Zizinga also added that the only people who are better than politicians are businessmen who deal with trade, exporting and importing goods.

He furthermore stated that becoming a member of parliament is now a big deal but again hinted how the money got from parliament is cursed, reasoning that he has not yet seen any Ugandan who joined parliament when he was at zero then came back as a rich man.

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