Cinderella ‘Cindy’ Sanyu refuses to bow down to the negativity of different critics who noted that she was wrong in criticizing Zzina Awards for not awarding her the top award which Spice Diana took home on Saturday.

On Sunday, Cindy through her Twitter account criticized the local awarding systems after Spice Diana won the Best Female artiste award at the 2019/2020 Zzina Awards.

In Cindy’s opinion, she filled up Lugogo Cricket Oval with fans at her Boom Party concert and she believes that it should have been enough to win her the award ahead of Spice Diana.

I know exactly who I am in this industry and after the Boom Party concert, I realized that Uganda knows exactly who I am in this region so I chose to believe 40,000 Ugandans than a few board members in an awards committee. Thank you but no thanks. Yours truly.

Cindy Sanyu | Twitter

Cindy’s statement had fans from all angles commenting. Some concurred with her opinion but others felt like she was being selfish and inconsiderate noting that Spice had a better musical year in 2019.

In another post shared on her social media pages, Cindy maintains that she will always speak what she wants to see and declare what she wants to be regardless of other people’s opinions.

Proverbs 4:23 Guard your heart…… Proverbs 26:20 Guard your tongue….. Speak what you want to see, declare what you want to be and it shall be. Don’t let other people’s negativity get to you.

Cindy Sanyu | Instagram

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