Ibrahim Mayanja, better known by the stage name Big Eye, came out lamenting how he is suffering from depression and as well chocking on a debt of Shs340m.

The Big Music Entertainment boss aired his troubles and frustrations through a live video on his Facebook page while casting a sad man expression.

The ‘Ndi Single’ singer disclosed that the debt of Shs340m accumulated from a posh house that he wanted to buy and he had already paid the first installment of Shs60m.

Things went south for him, however, as he stopped earning when he performing as fans always pelted him with objects and bottles whenever he appeared at any show.

Big Eye reveals that this forced him to cancel his other performances before the novel Coronavirus pandemic hit the world sending it on its knees.

During the negotiations while buying the said house, Big Eye agreed to some terms and conditions with the moneylenders and has so far failed to fulfill his side of the agreement.

In the video, Big Eye stressed that the moneylenders have pinned him against the wall, forcing him to thinking of selling off his rides and resorting to Uber and Boda-bodas as his means of transport.

He added that he reached out to the NRM big wigs for assistance to clear his debts but they all turned him down with excuses of being broke due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Big Eye said that he was left with no option but to take to his social media pages and pour out his troubles rather than suffering from the heavy load of depressing issues without the knowledge of his fans and other friends.

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