Surviving Goodlyf singer Douglas Seguya Mayanja a.k.a Weasel Manizo is on the spot again for being violent after it was reported that he attacked and beat up Genius Goddy and destroyed his studio equipment.

Just last Saturday, Weasel celebrated his 35th birthday. He is a big music brand across Africa, has won several awards, performed at the biggest stages and is a celebrated personality in Uganda.

Not even all the above will, however, save him from the several people always alleging that he is a violent man. In the past, him and the late Mowzey Radio have been branded as a violent duo.

That’s a sour reputation, a bad past, but everyone always gets chances to redeem themselves, right? Seemingly not for Weasel after fresh allegations by a one local producer known as Genius Goddy accusing the self-styled Badmind Killa of assault.

Genius Goddy

Through a tweet (by Quex Music) that we came across, an intoxicated Weasel attacked Genius Goddy at his City Jam studios on Tuesday and vandalized the property at the studios.

Yesterday @RadioandWeasel came into our studio ‘City Jam Records’ and vandalized equipment. He was intoxicated at the time. Personally I think the guy is losing it. GoodLife died the day Mowzey Radio died. this guy has just become a nuisance.

Quex Music | Twitter

Further reports claim that he beat up Genius Goddy – a Producer and expert in Mixing and Mastering music – over unclear reasons. Goddy is the brains behind several top songs like Kilila (Pallaso), Guwooma (Weasel), Kimuli (Weasel and King Saha) etc.

On his Facebook account, Genius Goddy showed the damaged machines as he revealed how Weasel together with his friends Messiah and Cyrus vandalized the equipment.

This is how Weasel Manizo , Messiah and Cyrus did to my studio. Justice shall prevail. I want my machines repaired ,my sound card and the hard drives they took.

Genius Goddy | Facebook

Friends and associates close to Weasel reveal that the singer is very short tempered lately, especially under influence, and that he has been involved in a couple of scuffles. We hope he receives the help he needs.

We shall keep you in the loop of this story as it unfolds.

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