Mark Bugembe, popularly know as Bucha Man and his wife Mama Ghetto, real name Nangajja Claire, have heavily condemned Police brutality following his embarrassing arrest last evening.

Yesterday, Bucha Man was filmed being forcefully drugged by police officers, and hurled onto a police patrol vehicle without minding that he is a person with a disability.

During the incident of his arrest, not even his privileges of being a presidential adviser on Ghetto issues as well as being the Ghetto president could save him from being handled with excessive force.

His brutal arrest came up after he was trying to settle some disputes between Lugala residents and NEMA following the demolition and burning down of people’s homes in those areas.

Having been embarrassingly arrested, the Abakyala Mwagalaki singer finally came back to his senses and released that there is a very big gap between police and the its residents.

Police n’omuntu wawansi waliwo gap enene. I went to Lugala to listen to some of my ghetto people who needed my assistance as the presidential advisor on Ghetto issues and the Ghetto President.

But the force from the police which is meant to protect members of all communities despite their social-economic status that was used without listening to us was unnecessary especially on a person living with disabilities.

Police brutality must stop and the voice of the Ghetto people needs to be heard. We want peace, not war.

This is not politics, but I stand against demolishing and burning down people’s homes in a time like this.

It is too bad that my colleague, the RCC of Kampala failed to have a peaceful talk even after I requested to talk to her so as to find a solution.

Bucha Man

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