Ever since singer Weasel Manizo stormed producer Genius Goddy’s City Jam Records studio and vandalized his property, the producer has neither ever tasted food nor worked again.

The producer opened up about his current state of life during an interview with this website as he narrated what caused his fall out with the Goodlyf artist.

According to Genius Goddy, Weasel together with two of his close friends stormed his home and started hurling insults at everyone who was around.

They then forced their way into his studios and started dismantling each and everything. They plucked out hard drives and sound card from Genius Goddy’s computer.

Genius Goddy explained that on top of destroying his works, what hurts him most is that Weasel has been working from his studio for free of charge and had not even paid for the work which he was demanding.

When police intervened, Weasel barked at a female police officer and thereafter bragged how he doesn’t answer to these usual policemen since he worked for the president on the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ project.

At the moment, producer Genius Goddy is seeking justice for his damaged property.

Weasel and his team came to my home, started hurling insults, and they dismantled everything. They took my CPU, removed the hard drives, and when they returned they just threw it at the gate. When the police came to talk to him he told them he worked for the President and he is the only one he answers to. If it wasn’t for his wife, they would have shot him.

Producer Genius Goody

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