Former NTV TheBeat presenter Sheilah Gashumba’s lover Ali Marcus Lwanga alias God’s Plan aired out his dismay over Urban TV’s gossip show Scoop on Scoop revealing how it made his mum’s blood pressure rise.

God’s Plan, who clearly looked bitter while being previously hosted on Sanyu FM, questioned the work ethics of Scoop on Scoop presenter Tina Fierce and the program producers if their work is to merely to drag other people’s lives in mad.

While questioning the direction and purpose of the program on air, God’s Plan expressed his frustrations about the show. He disclosed that initially his mum had high blood pressure but it went high immediately after she watched a show whereby Tina Fierce tore his son into small tiny pieces after revealing his deep dark secrets and scandals.

That forced God’s Plan to call upon the government and the Uganda Communications Committee (UCC) to scrutinize some of the gossip shows that are aired on national TV.

The alleged former Arsenal FC academy player went ahead and credited NBS TV’s UnCut show praising it for being balanced in their works.

I always ask myself how do the people that produce Scoop on Scoop and the presenter do they go back home and look at themselves in the mirror after spreading so much hate and so much bitterness to the people that you don’t know.

How do you go home and be happy and collect your salary when you just destroy people’s lives? One of the shows is Scoop on Scoop that they have done, my mum initially had high blood pressure but the presenter made her temperature go up after watching it.

How do such people go back home and look at themselves in the mirror?. They should be ashamed of themselves. How do you be proud of a show like that? Let me give you an example, they sit in a studio and plan a show saying that they are gonna destroy somebody’s life.
The Scoop on Scoop and Kampala Sun just keep on attacking the same people.

You can’t keep on attacking the same people and call yourself a journalist. These people need to remember the reason why they came to journalism. As a journalist, when you decide to be a journalist, your job is, to tell the truth, but not to spread lies. So I feel like the government needs to be looking into these shows

God’s Plan

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