Social media influencer Sheilah Carol Gashumba has for the first time publicly opened up about the rumors that spread sometime back alleging that she aborted and also had a miscarriage.

The former NTV TheBeat presenter denied the accusations as she set the record straight, disclosing how she has never been pregnant. She also denied aborting or having any miscarriages.

Sheilah Gashumba together with her lover God’s Plan trashed the claims noting that they are baseless and were spread by people who only focus on bringing other people down and spreading hate all the time.

The claims that I’ve ever aborted and had any miscarriage plus ever being preggers are all false and baseless.

I’m one person who gets sick only once a year. My family genes are so strong and in fact, it’s even very hard to find or hear about me suffering from Malaria.

Sheilah Gashumba

The couple went ahead and gave a brief story of how they met. Sheilah opened up on how she was swept off her feet by God’s Plan’s colored hair and since then the rest is history.

While giving more details about their love-life, the pair also distanced themselves from the rumors that they were forced out of a 5-Star hotel in Dubai over failure to foot the bills at the hotel early in 2019.

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