Recent days have had rumors flying around the entertainment circles pointing out that The Nsimbi’s; GNL Zamba and Miriam Tamar, are on the verge of a bitter split. The Ugandan singer trashes the reports.

An African prince and a European princess, a love story that many local artistes have usually longed for. As Zamba lives the dream, it turns out that he has a couple of problems that he is facing because of the relationship.

Several local blogs ran a story of how the Baboon Forest Entertainment CEO was having a rough time in his relationship with his wife (also a co-singer in the Nsimbi Music duo) and that they were to split.

Zamba and Miriam Tamar met nine years ago in Kampala and slowly built their relationship. They got married over two years ago in Malibu, USA at an elegant wedding ceremony.

According to the rumors, the couple have had several disagreements on their future regarding where to settle down; whether to return to Uganda or stay in the US.

In a post shared on his Facebook, GNL Zamba left a hint that he is happy with his wife and they are working together on a new projects.

We really hope they stick together. They are such a lovely couple, aren’t they?

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