Ugandan music is getting lots of new entrants into the industry and experiencing a tidal wave of individuality, genre fusions and a general yearning to reform the one-dimensional perception of artists.

As we continue to welcome new artists each and every day, upcoming rapper Peter Rhymer revealed how he is poised to show that younger generations aren’t monotonous.

He disclosed his plans on fussing stand-up comedy with Afro-beat, Afro-pop, and Hip-hop.

Peter Rhymer, real name Peter Mugabi, is planning to release refreshing music that has no constrictions, fueled by a thirst to create and not be trapped.

Having been in the game for close to five years and inspired to do music by the feeling he gets whenever he listens to songs that move him, Peter Rhymer also disclosed that to stand out from this diverse pool demands not only attention to music but the presentation as well.

He is very optimistic that his ability to blend styles will earn him a charting presence which has eluded many Ugandan artists.

So far Peter Rhymer has four official singles to his name;
1. Same Old Story
2. So Magical
3. Chakula Dance
4. Unity

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