In a follow up story regarding Beenie Gunter’s child neglect allegations, Fiona Akankwasa’s husband Dennis Muganga reveals he was heavily affected when her wife called herself a housemaid.

22-year-old Fiona Akankwasa appeared on different media channels a couple of days ago with accusations pinning Beenie Gunter to fathering and not taking care of her child.

Akankwasa, in the viral video, claimed that she developed an intimate relationship with the Talent Africa singer after they met at Namugongo-based Latino Bar in 2017.

She then allegedly conceived a baby with the star in December that year and has since lost touch with him. She claimed that she was a housemaid who needed some help from Beenie Gunter.

Earlier this week, while speaking to this website, the Guntalk and Talent Africa Group singer Beenie Gunter confirmed that he met Akankwasa when he went to perform at Latino Bar.

He, however, went on to emphasize that he didn’t meet her again only to be called by Akankwasa a couple of months later with the news that she was heavy with her child.

Beenie accepted to take the Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test to clean his image earlier this week. He also said that if the baby is determined his by the test, he will stand to the truth and take care of the child.

On Thursday 25th June 2020, Fiona Akankwasa in company of Dennis Muganga revealed that they had sorted their issues with Beenie Gunter and that they only await the pending DNA test.

Speaking to this website, Fiona Akankwasa confirmed that she is indeed married and that she was coerced into saying that she is a maid by the people who did the initial interview which went viral.

“We reached an agreement (with Beenie Gunter) and it’s over now. I also want to clarify that I am not a maid, I am married to Muganga Dennis. I was told to say that I was a maid because there are people who told me it would help in this situation,” Fiona Akankwasa said.

Muganga as well opened up saying that when he saw his wife on TV saying that she is a maid, it disturbed him mentally and even at his workplace because his workmates know Akankwasa as his wife.

Fiona was used by some people to make a video calling herself a house girl and it went viral. It was disturbing seeing my wife call herself a housemaid and it affected me at work… We managed to reach out to Beenie Gunter and he accepted to take a DNA test.

Muganga Dennis

Beenie Gunter reconfirmed that he will be taking the DNA test as agreed by the trio and that regardless of what the results will show, he will take responsibility and take care of the child because such a child needs his support.

Watch the full interview below:

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