With his song “Kyoyina Omanya” rocking the nation, Crysto Panda is destined for greater days. He reveals how serious he is with his music career and how inspiring it is to work with Sheebah Karungi.

Crysto Panda, real name Herbert Kityamuweesi, has been in and around the entertainment industry for quite a while as an exciting TV presenter on NTV Uganda. He has garnered a following composed of mostly the youths through his TV gig.

He is a multi-talented lad who can emcee, sing and dance in addition to presenting on TV. Panda is actually eyeing a new job at Sanyu FM. That’s one talented boy!

For his music career to really take off, it took Panda a while and he seems to have finally achieved from the sleepless nights in studio. With “Bintwaala” and “Kyoyina Omanya” rocking the airwaves, the ball is in his court.

Crysto Panda added momentum to his rise to music stardom when he featured Sheebah Karungi on the “Kyoyina Omanya” remix. The video shot by Sasha Vybz is a common sight now on most local media channels.

For a renown TV presenter to channel his focus to music as the prime career, it is never hard especially in the highly competitive industry. Panda is, however, confident that his content is good enough to make him a big figure in the career he decided to take on seriously.

I am very serious. If I wasn’t, this song wouldn’t have been big. If I didn’t really care about my music, you wouldn’t have seen me working with Sheebah and Jeff (Kiwa) because they are not jokers. For them to jump onto your song, they must have noticed how good it is.

Crysto Panda while speaking to NBS UnCut

Panda goes ahead to reveal how he was so grateful when Jeff Kiwa decided to have his artiste on the remix of the song and how it motivated him to start doing music as a serious career.

“It’s commercial now, people are accepting me as an artiste. You’ve seen so many presenters trying out music and it failed, ” Crysto Panda adds.

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