NTV T-Nation presenter and Youth activists Crysto Panda yet again asserted that he is Uganda’s King of the mic in his own style.

The Kyoyina Omanya singer backed up his point by stressing how he uses the mic with whatever he wants, unlike his fellow media personalities and artists.

He explained that when he hears critics comparing him to MC Kats, he takes it politely reasoning that he is not trying to be like anybody else because he is different.

He further added that comparing him to MC Kats is not a diss noting that he highly respects Kats adding how he doesn’t have the experience that MC Kats has.

I tell people that I am the King of the mic because I can do everything that I want with the mic. Those comparing to MC Kats, I am not trying to be like anybody else because MC Kats doesn’t sing like I do. I’m different. You get it, I not trying to be like anybody else.

I just want you to pick out one presenter or artist who is doing good like me now when it comes to music and emceeing.

When I hear people say that I am trying to battle MC Kats, I’m not dissing him. I respect that guy, he is a legend. He is the King of Kings when it comes to the mic and the experince he has, I don’t have it. That’s why am saying he is a king in his own way and I am also a king in my own way.

Crysto Panda

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