According to Alexander Bagonza a.k.a A Pass, Ugandan music has lost it because the fans don’t look out for artistes and rather focus on feeding on only the content played on media channels which is paid for by some artistes.

Through a series of Tweets, A Pass emphasizes that there is something wrong with the music in Uganda. He questions why it is so disposable and doesn’t last.

Ugandan Music is very disposable right now, no disrespect to my fellow artists but something is wrong, is the music so simple & digestible that it don’t need that much time spent listening? Or do we not pay attention to the words anymore? And this also goes to the fans.

A Pass

A Pass continues to note how media people are paid by artistes to have their music played even when the quality is not really worth it and how that keeps on frustrating the talented artistes who might not have the money but create good music.

He urges Ugandans to always look out for the artistes on the online streaming platforms because media has been infiltrated and the perception is that hit songs are those that are played the most yet it is all paid for.

Ugandan fans should actually look out for artistes. Don’t just look at A Pass and the other common people around. Find the artistes because they are out there. Some people are doing some dope stuff but you’re not paying attention to them and you’re paying attention to people who are marketed to you.

A Pass

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