I lay where I find comfort – Kapa Cat speaks out on liking fellow women

Overtime, rumors have been making rounds alleging how fast-rising dancehall singer Catherine Tumusiime a.k.a Kapa Cat could be a homosexual and sexually interested in fellow women.

Since her relationship life is not clear, in a recent interview with Galaxy FM, Comedy Store C.E.O Alex Muhangi’s girlfriend Prim Asiimwe was forced to ask the Kapa Ojimanyi singer to clear the air about the rumors.

Kapa Cat’s response took her fans by surprise when she stressed that she lays where she finds comfort.

Where I find comfort is where I lay

Kapa Cat
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Whether boy or girl, where I find comfort is where I lay – @iamkapa

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With no clear answer from the singer yet, it should be recalled that a few months back, Kapa Cat made story headlines following accusations of being linked to a romantic affair with another woman’s husband.

During the allegations, the woman who accused Kapa Cat of romping with her husband stormed the streets pinning posters asking the singer to back off her lover.

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  • Your mature you can make decisions on your own but remember God is there and its true he is watching whater you do