The war of words between Uganda’s legendary Luga-Flo storyteller Ernest Nsimbi alias GNL Zamba and local rapper Gravity Omutujju is turning out to be stinking dirty after the latter attacked the former’s marital status.

The exchange got underway after Gravity appeared in an interview and stated how he was never inspired by GNL Zamba to join music before he went on to claim how the Baboon Forest boss has been trashing his music.

Gravity further stung GNL when he rubbished his claims of being an international artist as he stressed that he only performs in small bars.

The Trouble Entertainment singer thereafter stung deeper claiming that GNL Zamba got married to an American wife for financial support.

Gravity’s statements rubbed GNL Zamba the wrong way and he responded asserting how Gravity picked his musical inspiration from his Ani Yali Amannyi song he sampled from the late Elly Wamala.

In the response post where GNL seemed bitter with Gravity, he branded him as an “empty tin” who borrowed the idea for a breakthrough jam but refused to credit the late Paul Job Kafeero for sampling his Walumbe Zaya.

When the Trouble Entertainment boss crossed paths with GNL’s response, he savagely hit back, a bit below the belt, attacking his martial status that is rumored to have ended.

In his attack, Gravity hit GNL asking him to try another business if he has martial misunderstandings with the “husband”.

Ssebbo Nsimbi, I heard u say when you sampled Elly Wamala’s (R.I.P) ‘Ani Yali Amannyi’ you credited him on the song and when I sampled Paul Kafeero’s (R.I.P) ‘Walumbe Zaya’ (a classic) I never credited him. Were you sober posting this? Is it the smoke effect that turns you deaf so you don’t hear my credits? First, take cigarettes out of your ears ssebo (I hear its a habit) if u were looking for relevance you could have called me nenkuwa plan..even the generation yo used to sing for are now grown and busy. Mr try some other business if u had marital misunderstandings with yo HUSBAND. (go to court and get yo share) but musically you need to consult me.

Gravity Omutujju

As the exchange goes on, we wait to witness if GNL will retaliate. We keep our fingers crossed.

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