Baboon Forest Entertainment boss Ernest Nsimbi alias GNL Zamba has expressed his disappointment in Star TV presenter and Wolokoso Extra YouTube content creator MC Ibrah following the harsh words he uttered towards singer Lydia Jazmine.

Lydia Jazmine took to her Twitter account and called out MC Ibrah to fully apologize for insulting her for appearing in a photo with Fik Fameica amidst reports claiming that the two are romantically hitting on each other.

Having watched the disturbing video,GNL Zamba wondered why a musician would be attacked for someone he/she loves or who they don’t love.

He went ahead to open up by stating how he didn’t expect MC Ibrah to be among the people who sting artists because of their choices for people they love adding that he thought that he had outgrown such a level.

I’m so disappointed that musicians are attacked for who they love or who they don’t love but my biggest disappointment is that I always respect Ibra and thought he was above talking like this. Everyone deserves respect, Privacy, and the moment you mention children it goes too far!

GNL Zamba

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