Spice Diana, real name Namukwaya Hajara Diana, is a household name in the East African music industry. So many achievements and a lifestyle most people admire. Why then would she want to go back to school?

On top of hit songs every year and sold-out concerts, add a multi-million mansion and numerous awards won – Spice Diana is beyond the average in definition of a successful Ugandan artiste.

She boasts a huge following of die-hard fans who love her for the cool personality she possesses. With all that, however, Spice Diana feels like she hasn’t even reached halfway of where she wants to be.

Speaking in an interview with local YouTubers Sean Musa Carter and Denis Duke, Spice Diana revealed that she still has so many goals to achieve as an artiste and one of them is developing her brand.

You must have already seen a couple of photos of Spice Diana surrounded with bodyguards. Well, that is one of the aspects of branding she hopes to add to her empire.

Spice revealed that she will be going back to school to learn deeper about Branding and Marketing. She hopes to develop her brand with that and she wants fellow artistes to learn a few things from her.

There’s nothing new (about having bodyguards). It is just a case of branding and of course, protection. I am not doing so because I am too special or anything like that. I am not yet even halfway where I want to be.

Soon I’ll be going back to school to study more about branding and marketing. I want to be better person everyday, I want my brand to develop, to be remembered. I want people to learn from me.

Spice Diana

Branding and marketing is something not many local artistes have attached much importance to. This is a step in the right direction, one that we highly commend. Go Spicy!

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