MC Ibrah’s apology to Lydia Jazmine should be televised – Iryn Namubiru

Last evening, Star TV presenter and Wolokoso Extra YouTube content Creator MC Ibrah K Mukasa swallowed humble pie and apologized for insulting singer Lydia Jazmine live on TV.

In the apology letter, MC Ibrah owned the degrading statements which he made against Lydia Jazmine and regretted hastily attacking her.

Having shared his apology letter with the public on his social media platforms and several other media outlets, veteran singer Iryn Namubiru Morel thought it wasn’t satisfactory enough.

Iryn Namubiru added her voice to Lydia Jazmine’s cyber-bullying saga with MC Ibrah stressing that the apology should have been televised, loudly and clearly.

That apology should be televised as loud and clear too

Iryn Namubiru

That Apology Should be televised as Loud and Clear too!

Posted by Irene Namubiru Morel on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Since we haven’t yet got any response from Lydia Jazmine regarding MC Ibrah’s apology, let’s watch the space to witness whether she will also request for a televised apology.

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