On Thursday, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) officially suspended Urban TV’s Scoop on Scoop programme after Sheilah Gashumba complained about its content that was deemed offensive and scandalous

In the Sheilah Gashumba-inspired ‘Stop Cyber Bullying’ campaign that has been going on for weeks, Tina Fierce was fronted as one of the TV presenters whose show exudes offensive content.

Consequently, UCC released a statement in which they suspended the Scoop on Scoop show citing that “the content and nature of the show violates the Minimum Broadcasting Standards as enshrined in the Uganda Communications Act 2013.”

As soon as Sheilah Gashumba – a former presenter on NTV Uganda – read UCC’s statement, she activated celebration moods and ran on Twitter to relay how far the campaign had come and how proud she is of UCC.

Tina Fierce

Gashumba reveals that the battle against the cyber bullying which has been happening on the Scoop on Scoop show started two years ago when she met God’s Plan who later became her boyfriend.

I remember two years ago when I met God’s Plan he just didn’t understand why I was comfortable about how Sqoop and Sqoop and other blogs kept broadcasting falsehoods!! I said to him ‘ I don’t think there is anything I can do about it!!’ So I would just be sad and keep quiet.

Sheilah Gashumba | Twitter

In the thread, she talks of how several entertainers have turned to drugs and alcohol because of the depression that has been caused by cyber bullying.

She therefore took it upon herself as a victim, together with God’s Plan to embark on the campaign that has now seen the show and the presenter suspended from Urban TV.

Read Sheilah Gashumba’s thread in detail below:

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