Popular digital influencer Sheilah Carol Gashumba over the weekend came out and got involved in an exchange with Dembe FM and Spark TV presenter Kasuku, born Isaac Katende, over cyber bullying.

This time around, Sheilah Gashumba attacked Kasuku stressing how he has no authority to talk about cyber-bullying. Kasuku had earlier appeared on NBS TV’s UnCut Sabula show defending fellow media personalities.

Sheilah Gashumba, a former NTV THE BEAT presenter, reasoned expressing how Kasuku has over the years bullied public figures and artists.

She went on to state that Kasuku currently feels threatened because his Talk N Talk show on Dembe FM is next to be suspended.

Kasuku you are the one who has no moral authority to talk about cyberbullying because you have BULLIED PUBLIC FIGURES AND Artists over the years!! You are only threatened because you know that you are NEXT to be suspended because what your show on Ddembe does is to BULLY!!


Sheilah Gashumba went ahead to brand Kasuku a hypocrite who only pretends to be her friend before she added how he should by now be retired and spending his quality time on a holiday.

You claim to be my friend but did you ever call me to find out why I reacted that way to the former tv presenter! Kasuku if someone woke up and told your daughter that you molest her, wouldn’t your daughter abuse the person back if they kept abusing her for 2 weeks! Hypocrite!!


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