The Diggy Baur vs Jose Chameleone war just got started and it seems one that is to last a while as the renown producer vows to revenge against the 2021 Lord Mayor hopeful.

On the morning of Tuesday 7th July 2020, Diggy Baur – a talented producer behind several local hit songs – appeared in a video narrating how Jose Chameleone stormed his studios and beat up the producer he found there.

Baur also showed off some of the wounds he sustained during the scuffle which he says would have been avoided if Chameleone had listened to his younger brother Weasel Manizo who tried to stop him from fighting.

The celebrated producer now vows to teach Chameleone a lesson. Baur, in another video, dared Chameleone to make a step again at his Sound Cava Records studios located in Luwafu and that only then shall he know who the Lord Mayor in Luwafu is.

Chameleone, you’re a bad man. You beat up my boy because you wanted to show how bad you are but make sure you do not return to my studio. I have suffered too much to make it without your help.

You’re very ill-mannered and yet you want to become a Lord Mayor, what shall a young kid learn from you? I dare you to come to Luwafu again, you will know who the Lord Mayor of Luwafu is.

Diggy Baur

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