Depressing times are what almost everyone is facing lately with COVID-19 still rocking the world and to cause a smile on someone else’s face is what we all need to do according to UK-based Ugandan singer George Willdive.

George Willdive, real name Galiwango George, is currently working and residing in London where the lockdown found him. He is the founder of the North Pole Music group.

With his “Luuyi” video still going viral on social media, George Willdive is using the least of efforts to bring a smile on people’s faces.

On Tuesday morning, George Willdive warmed the hearts of various patients with a courtesy visit to the Waltham Cross Nursing Home in Enfield, Middlesex.

Through his social media, Willdive urged his followers to take some time off just to give someone else a smile on their faces because it’s theese small things that mean the world to others.

Today morning I took off some time to visit some patients and people I believe need more care and attention at Waltham cross Nursing home, North London.

My heart was warmed by how happy they seemed even with just a simple visit and particularly this one. It is amazing how small things sometimes mean the world to others.

Please take some time off to give another person a smile.

George Willdive | Instagram

Willdive’s song “Luuyi” raised controversy when Pastor Martin Sempa questioned its motive, stating that the singer might be promoting violence through music.

This is a good gesture from him, one that we can all emulate and make the world a better place for everyone.

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