Renown talent manager and Twinkle Group C.E.O Emma Carlos Mulondo is of the opinion that if the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) newly appointed president Ykee Benda is to execute his duties well, he needs to grow a thick skin.

Speaking out of experience and expertise in Uganda’s music industry from the several years he has dealt with different artists, Emma Carlos highly believes that local artists are not people who are easily dealt with.

In his thoughts; for one to rein over artists, he has to be bold with a hard skin that can not easily be broken and intimidated not even for a single moment.

While having a conversation with this website, Emma Carlos noted how a battle between Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone and Diggy Baur will have Ykee Benda prove his stand as the UMA president.

He went ahead to stress that Ykee Benda has to be ready to handle more daunting challenges in the industry ranging from fights, sexual scandals among many others that will shape him as a good leader for more years in the seat.

Carlos revealed that he talked to Ykee Benda and he assured him of being capable to handle the challenges, pressure and responsibilities that will come with his new position. He wishes the singer good luck and success.

In Emma Carlos’ last remarks, he congratulated the former UMA president Sophie Gombya for having exhibited good leadership skills adding that music and the entire Culture and Creative Industries are complex and being the head for one of the domains needs someone with special skills.

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