Often, you have seen Shanitah Namuyimba a.k.a Bad Black with men younger than her. It’s not by mistake that she prefers to date younger men and she explains the benefits.

Dating is an extreme sport for some people, a very challenging stage for any possible relationship. Before making the choice on whom to date, there are various qualities and aspects considered including age.

Bad Black prefers dating men younger than her. The controversial socialite and proud sex worker turned 31-years-old on July 5th 2020 and is currently dating a young man known as Asha.

Before Asha, Bad Black was dating another young man called Sky West. Through her Facebook account, she revealed how “dating a young man heals brokeness, prevents heart attack, depression, pressure, hate…etc”.

Dating a man who is younger it heals brokenness coz u will work hard. It prevents heart attack, pressure, depression, sugar, witchcraft, hate etc. You can’t stress a woman who is always happy especially getting good sex.

Bad Black

There you have it from one of the most experienced people in the field of dating. You might want to consider Bad Black’s advice while choosing your next partner.

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