Having been a drug addict before, singer Nina Nankunda alias Nina Roz shared a touching life story about drugs by revealing how tough they are.

On several occasions, she has admitted to being so much addicted to drugs in that she couldn’t do anything without first taking some but it is just a few times she ever disclosed how spiritual they are.

In her recent interview with Spark TV, the Kyooyoyo singer stressed how drugs torture spiritually and for one to overcome them, he/ she might need God’s divine calling.

Drugs reach a point where they torture you spiritually and you only need God to overcome them.

Nina Roz

When asked to give her opinion about the current trending topic concerning cyber-bullying, Nina Roz revealed how she doesn’t give attention to internet trolls adding that it has helped her not to get into depression.

I don’t give attention to internet trolls and it has helped me not to get into depression over cyberbullying. 

Nina Roz

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