Ugandan rapper and Parte After Parte star Big Tril, real name Rowland Kaiza, believes that the Ugandan music industry is still broken because of the “Album Launch” mentality.

It’s now 100+ days since lockdown and curfew was imposed by the Ugandan government to curb the spread of COVID-19. The lockdown put a halt on public gatherings and hence music concerts.

That means that for any local artiste to make money from their performances requires them to have a huge following on social media and streaming sites where their music can be sold and concerts held.

For an average Ugandan artiste, online streaming sites have never been the priority for them to earn money from their music. Despite a couple of the mainstream artistes adopting the trends, many others remain adamant on the benefits of online/digital channels.

They prefer releasing an audio, shooting the video, promoting it at the popular hangouts, appearing for interviews in media and then holding a concert from which they make money from gate collections, sponsorship and endorsements.

According to Big Tril, it is time for the “Album Launch” mentality to stop if artistes want to reap big from their hard work and creativity. The rapper, through social media, revealed the mentality as one of reasons why the Ugandan music industry is still “broken”.

In his argument, Big Tril notes that Ugandan artistes need to stop looking at concerts as the only way of generating income because there are several other ways they can use their content to earn a living.

The Striker Entertainment rapper gives the example of the local music sites who upload artistes’ music free of charge in the name of giving them platforms and promotion yet they end up reaping the most from the artiste’s hard work.

‪The “Ugandan Music sites” make money from Ads because of the traffic on the sites and why do they get traffic? because of Ugandan music so it’s baffling to me that The Artist never gets a penny but a song placement on the sites “countdown”“, says Big Tril.

Big Tril now urges his comrades to embrace the new changes caused by COVID-19 and diversify their income sources because the “Album Launch” mentality cannot help them currently.

‪Now that Concerts and Performances have been put on hold I hope y’all can see the need to diversify our income sources. That Album Launch mentality needs to stop. I’m not against Concerts but let’s stop looking at it as the only way to generate income.

Big Tril | Facebook

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