Fresh information reaching this website indicates that city moneybag Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga a.k.a SK Mbuga got into a fight with his wife Jalia Vivienne Mbuga over her phone password.

Early this morning, through his Facebook account, fashionista Kim Swagga revealed what an “evil man” SK Mbuga is and how “he wanted to murder him” one time.

In the post, he also revealed how sorry he was to SK Mbuga’s wife Jalia Vivienne Mbuga for letting her meet the man whom she got married to in June 2017.

Prior to Kim Swagga’s outburst, Jalia had shared a post on her Facebook which she captioned; “Stop domestic violence. Since you hacked my Instagram account, hack into this one too.”

According to Bad Black who claims to have inside information, SK Mbuga severely beat up his wife Jalia Vivienne Mbuga after she refused to give him the password to her phone.

Through a phone call that Bad Black made to her baby daddy Kim Swagga, the fashionista alleges that SK Mbuga had Vivienne’s Instagram account hacked following a private conversation she was having with Kim Swagga.

Kim Swagga reveals that SK Mbuga then started chatting with him using his wife’s Instagram account as the moneybag tried to trick Kim into revealing what he was chatting with the wife but Jalia quickly warned Kim that her Instagram had been hacked.

Jalia reportedly refused to give her password to her husband and that is when he started beating her. Kim Swagga now vows to expose SK Mbugas evil side.

Kim Swagga also reveals that he has not been in good terms with SK Mbuga for a while now and that he has been ignoring him because he is a very bad man.

He is a very bad man. He hacked her account because we were chatting about our private things. So he hacked her Instagram and started chatting with me but Vivienne warned me saying that I shouldn’t reply because her account had been hacked. He was replying trying to get words out of me.

Kim Swagga during a phone call with Bad Black

SK Mbuga and Vivienne Jalia Mbuga met several years ago before any of them was rich. It is alleged that Vivienne met Mbuga through Kim Swagga who is Sam Mukasa’s (Vivienne’s brother) best friend and associate.

This is not the first time SK Mbuga has been linked to domestic violence after Leila Kayondos allegations in 2015.

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