DNA tests conducted at MBN Clinical Laboratories confirm that Talent Africa singer Beenie Gunter is not the biological father of Jeremiah as it was alleged by Fiona Akankwasa weeks ago.

22-year-old Fiona Akankwasa appeared on different media channels a couple of weeks ago with accusations pinning Beenie Gunter to fathering and not taking care of her child.

Akankwasa, in the viral video, claimed that she developed an intimate relationship with the Talent Africa singer after they met at Namugongo-based Latino Bar in 2017.

Fiona Akankwasa and Beenie Gunter at the star’s home in Buziga

She then allegedly conceived a baby with the star in December that year and has since lost touch with him. She later dismissed the claims she made that she was a housemaid but maintained that her son was Beenie Gunter’s.

Beenie accepted to take the Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test to clean his image the following week. He also said that if the baby is determined his by the test, he will stand to the truth and take care of the child.

Today morning, the Talent Africa singer shared a photo of the DNA results confirming that he is not the biological father of Jeremiah. The tests conducted MBN Clinical Laboratories confirmed.

Take a look at the results as shown below:

Beenie Gunter and Talent Africa are yet to issue an official statement regarding the results and further actions. A few days ago, the singer alleged that this was an attack against him by his enemies.

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