Renown hairstylist and proprietor of Hair by Zziwa, Kennedy Zziwa, is in jubilation as he celebrates 3 years of sobriety since he was discharged from Butabika Hospital over drug abuse.

Kennedy Zziwa was checked into Butabiika mental referral hospital for heavy drugs usage and alcohol abuse which had spanned for over 12 years of his life.

Although he is currently celebrating 3 years of sobriety, Kennedy Zziwa went ahead to explain how the period has not been a walk in the park for him.

He stresses that in that period, he has faced ups and downs plus a relapse that came after the loss of a close friend that forced him to indulge in binge drinking and drug use for about a month which also caused a terrible car accident.

He is, however, grateful to his housemate whom he only identified as Talis for having shown him unconditional love on the road to recovery. Zziwa notes that he now has new hobbies that have helped him keep away from groups which would influence him to abuse drugs again.

A day ago, I marked my three year sobriety anniversary. I look back on the day I was discharged from Butabiika mental referral hospital after a month of admission from heavy drug and alcohol abuse that had lasted for over 12 years.

As you can see from the photos, I was very happy because I had been given my discharge forms. The experience is almost similar to the lockdown we’ve been experiencing.

Imagine the relief and excitement we would all get if the lockdown (COVID-19 restrictions) was lifted right now. That’s how I felt that day.

It’s been 3 years of ups and down, dotted by a relapse that came as a result of a loss of a friend and overconfidence that I thought I had gained from a long time of no use. I indulged myself in a whole month of binge drinking and drug use that culminated in a terrible car accident.

I would not have done it without the daily unconditional doses of love I get from my housemate, Talis.

I confirmed this a couple of weeks ago when she fell sick and I had to leave her with the doctor for some days for observation.

She refused to let anyone touch her till the 3rd day when she heard my voice again. And she even agreed to get her nails done. I actually shed a tear. The love she shows has kept me sober for a long time. Before I would look forward to a drink, Now I look forward to going home and have a conversation with her.

I have also managed to stay sober by picking up new hobbies such as reading, swimming, among others. I have also managed to make this far by avoiding triggers that would influence me to use drugs.


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