Manager Apple, real name Sempijja Arnold, stopped working with Recho Rey, a music brand he created almost single-handedly. Speaking to this website, he revealed exactly why he called it quits after over 3 years of service.

Now signed to One Ticket management, renown female rapper Mirembe Rechael a.k.a Recho Rey will have to start a completely new journey without manager Apple with whom they started the music dream in 2018.

In a statement released by her new management, Recho Rey notes how Apple “decided to opt for a new adventure outside her business and team”. She acknowledges the “enormous contribution and professional relationship” Apple added to her brand overtime.

Speaking to this website, Apple revealed that despite publicly announcing that he had quit his duties as the 22-year-old rapper’s manager on 15th July, he had already stopped working with the rapper in March.

“I stopped working with her in March but it’s normal, these things happen for other several artistes. She just has to handle the situation like a mature person. She has already moved on and has a new management,” says Apple.

The last time we saw Apple and Recho Rey working together was during the Club Beatz At Home online show on which the rapper featured on 23rd May 2020.

Apple, however, says that they had already separated in March and he just kept on working with goodwill so as to keep the ties which he had made with different brands and media channels intact.

“Several things happened and we stopped working together in March but I just hadn’t yet made an official statement. Many people in the industry kept contacting me for bookings and sometimes I kept working for her just to keep the relationship with her brand and the media intact but sometimes I would fail and she would be mad about it,” Manager Apple reveals.

So I decided to officially call it quits because there’s not really much I was still doing there. We were no longer talking, not discussing plans, there was nothing going on. I didn’t see my importance on the team yet it’s something I started from zero.

I reached a point and realized that no matter what I say, we shall be arguing all the time because she has other people who are telling her what to do.

Manager Apple

Apple also revealed to us that he has no plans of managing any other artiste soon and he is taking a break from the music industry to refresh his mind and plot his next move.

I am not gonna manage any other artiste. Currently, I am going to take a break and enjoy some lone time away from any disturbances.

Manager Apple while speaking to this website

Speaking about what is next for Recho Rey, Apple revealed that the rapper has a bright future ahead of her and she has the right team with her because he recruited most of the people on her new management team before leaving.

The only challenge the new team will face, according to Apple, is that they will have to make their own contacts without his influence and that is always a big hurdle to skip for artistes and managements.

Apple goes on to wish his former employer a successful career as he emphasizes how much he believes in her talent.

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