I’m about to chop this kid’s head off, he is trying to send me to jail – Zari

It is hard to recall any moment were South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan lost her cool and reached to the extent of feeling like ending someone’s life.

Last evening, Zari Hassan’s last born son Prince Nillan destroyed several brand new packaged gifts which she had just received. He chopped them into pieces.

Prince Nillan’s stubborn and disastrous ways got the mother of five so bitter and to the extent of the socialite considering to end her son’s life.

Zari Hassan collected herself and took to her Instagram stories where she shared a video of Prince Nillan holding a knife after chopping her goodies. The caption read:

My Babor package arrived and this is what happened. They better open flights so I can ship you off. I’m done, I’m tired, I’m about to cut this kid’s head off. This kid tryna send me to jail. Smh!.

Zari Hassan

This is the second time as Prince Nillan is destroying her mother’s property as a few days ago, Zari shared a video of how his son had destroyed her couch with a knife.

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