Why wear indecent skimpy outfits on set? – Fan roasts Lynda Ddane

NTV THE BEAT presenter Lynda Ddane faced the wrath of one of her followers when she was put on the spot for always decking skimpy outfits on set.

A follower of her’s who goes by the username of Sheios Mukiga on Twitter noted how ladies need to respect their bodies as a first priority in order to get their deserved respect from the public.

She then went on to chide Lynda Ddane, wondering why she always wears skimpy and indecent outfits while on set. She then advised fellow ladies to always double check their dress code before appearing in public.

Not hate but ladies we need to respect our bodies as a first priority if we deserve respect from our loved ones in return…for fuck’s sake why put on such skimpy indecent attire on a national TV. For real ladies, we need to check our dress code before appearing in public

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