Singer Nina Akakunda alias Nina Roz left many of her fans confused after she opened up on how she is not ready to reconcile with nemesis Sheebah Karungi just for the sake of pleasing fans.

The Sure Entertainment singer spoke out her mind about her beef with Sheebah while in an interview as she was celebrating her 25th birthday. This was after she was questioned on whether she is ready to forgive and reconcile with the people she fell out with in the past.

In her reply, the unapologetic and uncensored Nina Roz boldly explained how she is not ready to reconcile with the Nakyuka singer just merely to please music fans.

Nina Roz went ahead to stress how she is only ready to forgive or reconcile with Sheebah Karungi if only the two are sat down on the same show and truthfully speak out what really sparked off their beef.

She added on to note that whatever happened between them is only known to them.

I wouldn’t wish that to happen because we want to just please the fans. It is just about us to make it happen because we ourselves know the truth why we are not talking to each other deep down in our hearts.

So, the truth is only known by the two of us and no one else knows plus the fans. The day you sit me down with her and we tell the truth out to the world, you know the answer.

Nina Roz

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