Regarded as the king of Luga Flow, celebrated rapper Ernest Nsimbi a.k.a GNL Zamba is thinking of organizing a Hiphop concert just to prove his critics wrong.

At the moment, a concert is the last thing any artiste can think of setting up because of the prevailing ban on public gatherings set by the government as a preventive measure against the spread of COVID-19.

That, however, has not stopped several artistes from making plans in advance of what they want to achieve once the Coronavirus pandemic is no longer a big scare.

Several local musicians have spent past months of lockdown in studio, working on new music, compiling albums, while others have used their huge social media following to perform on online concerts.

GNL Zamba in particular, has released a couple of songs but most notably, he has been involved in a battle of words with fellow rapper Wabuyu Gereson a.k.a Gravity Omutujju.

The battle has seen both sides insult and discredit the other. As a way of proving his worth and stature in the Hiphop genre, GNL Zamba is thinking of organizing a show to “show the noise makers that real Hiphop has its fans.”

My Friends, Fans, Followers & supporters of our brands have been asking us to organize a show So they can show the noise makers that real Hiphop has its fans.

My last huge show was at a packed Kyandondo stadium & you all came in large numbers, where should the next one be?!

GNL Zamba | Twitter

What do you make of GNL Zamba’s assertion? Is the concert necessary at the moment? If yes, where should it be staged?

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